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What systems do you use to simplify your business?
What systems do you use to simplify your business? I like that nowadays there are many different programs and interesting sites with which you can simplify many tasks in business. Now it is quite possible to create video conferences online, solve problems together via the Internet. Mail and more. Everything works great. And if you actively use all these tools, you can increase profits in your business. Isn't it? Here I am interested in what Internet tools you use in your business. What helps you work better and more efficiently?
We still use one system, "Free software for document management," in principle, it suits everyone and the leadership and the entire composition of managers. All working moments are resolved promptly and there is no need to collect unplanned meetings. Spend on them production and working time. All issues are resolved in the process. It is very convenient for the whole team.
now it is really necessary to use different software for successful business. although I used to rely on myself and my very responsible Secretary the old-fashioned way. maybe it's wrong but I'm still coping. maybe when I expand my business I will definitely use such programs.
I asked around on other forums, what system or what programs can I use on my question. And I was advised by Bitrix system and software for document management. It is said that millions of people around the world use this system actively for business and that it is ideal to work as a team. I itself has gone and looked, it turns out can be until 12 man use still and for free. It will be necessary to test, as I see that there are a lot of different and necessary tools that have been used before in different systems. And here all in one there is and this well.
The project is implemented by its management, project team and managers. The remaining project participants carry out certain specific activities (processes). On a part-time basis, representatives of the functional and linear divisions of companies who are responsible for performing various tasks, types of activities and functions, including organization, management, planning, control, motivation, administration, etc., can take part in the project.
Until recently, the term “project” was understood to mean a set of design estimates for the creation of buildings, structures or technical devices. In modern professional management, the concept of a project is associated with the process of implementing a set of targeted measures to create a new product or service within the established budget, time and quality .
You can get the source code to Savage Worlds, but all other game systems are hidden inside .pkg files for copyright purposes.

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You dont need more than a computer with a wifi card and take a walk around campus to triangulate where the access points most likely are.

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